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>> Do I ever! Wow, so much has happened since fall. I'm getting married Oct. 30th, (see the lovey layout)I moved to New Orleans, and I got a new job as a graphic/web designer for AVEDA salons and spas. Crazy huh? I am so busy I prolly won't be updating as much as I'd like, so donations are accepted for images and whatnot. Some asked about FanFics... SURE!!! Send'em to me!!!


>>Thanks for everyone who is signing the book! I had a request for more BW manga scans... hopefully soon. I AM IN COLLEGE... and a SENIOR... I am graduating mid-year in December... so i am UBER busy. School, work, boys... same as usual... but times 10. I'm sorry I have not been updating as much... i am so behind... in EVERYTHING. I promise soon.... next break I get... but now.. i'm tired.. and I have to go to work in the morning... so goodnight.. any errors I'll fix lata'. byes!

Sorry for the lack of updates.. the only thing I have right now is the NEW PEACH INVADERS GAME! Check it is the only thing under interact right now.. but i plan to have more soon.. and more images! I promise! Thanx everyone! Fall Semester layout comming soon! ;__;
last day of the semester for me! I decided to celebrate and do a new layout instead of my last paper! Yippie! I tried to keep it similar to the last one since I got so many positive words.... and made it all summery n'at.
well... what's new..another year older... .man problems, low on cash...etc.etc. I'l trying to be happy though! I'll force myself to be! ^_^* see!?
anywho... thanx for all the help mom_gurl89!!! You rock! Thanx for the image donations too! (see splash page) more summaries soon! I'll update again with tons more added in a week or 2! I promise! Interactive section here we come!

03-03-03- ooo look at that number! Anyways... I posted the 1st summary of book one! Yippie! thanks so much to momo_gurl89 for submitting! Hopefully we'll have more AND the frwnch version up soon too!

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Age- 22
Interests- manga, anime, video games, ice hockey, soccer, film, Russell Crowe
Last movie saw- Underworld
Last game played- ESPN Hockey (NHL2K4)
Last book read- "Vittorio"
Favorite Song- "something i can never have." by NIN
Favorite colors- red/deep pink/orange
Favorite anime- Love Hina
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