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.:S t o r y O v e r v i e w:.
Waring! Spoilers!

Book 3

In our last installment of Peach Girl, Sae's backstabbing tricks make Momo seem like a lieing cheater and Sae the holy saint. Momo tries tto win back her beloved Toji, but nothing happens right for our peach girl!! Sae bursts in, telling Toji about Momo and Kiley's kiss, causing Toji to break up with Momo. So let us take a peak into another book of Momo's not-so-peachy life....

Toji:I think it's best we break up.

Momo looks at Toji furiously, calling him a pig-headed creep. She tells him that there's no way that he's breaking up with her, because she's breaking up with him. Momo runs out of the room, closly followed by Kiley, who's willing to give support. Sae is in the hospital room, trying to act all sad for Toji, but is really happy that she finally got Toji and Momo to break up. Toji just colapses on the spot, leaving Sae to care for him. Mean while, Momo is trying to use the elevator to get away from Toji, Sae, and Kiley. Kiley follows Momo down the stairs, trying to appoligize for telling Sae they kissed, but Momo tells him forget it. She hopes Toji uses Sae up, then spits her out.

The next day at school, Kiley is sitting in Misao's office, trying to get comfort since he doesn't know how to help Momo. When Kiley is about to tell Misao about what happened the day before, Momo walks in because someone put thumb-tacks in her shoes. Kiley asks Momo if she wants to go talk to Toji about what happened yesterday, but Momo says she found out what type of personToji was and that she was glad to get ride of him. Back in the class, Sae is telling the class how Momo is trying to ruin hers and Toji's relationship. Everyone believes Sae ands when Momo comes in, some one trys to trip her. They say their legs are just so long, they didnt notice. Momo tells her that she can tell because theirs hair removal tape all over them. Everyone looks to see, and Momo just shrugs it off, letting Sae know she doesn't care. Later that day, the homerooms were picking people for the swimming tournament. Momo just sits and stares down not wanting more chances to get darker. Sae opens her mouth, saying Momo would be a great canidate since she used to be on the swim team. The whole class agrees with Sae, so Momo ends up having most of the events. To go along with Sae and the swimming, Momo fails most of her classes. All the girls on the swimming teams start making fun of her since she didn't go in the pool. Momo goes to get dressed to find all her clothes soaked. She goes to hang them out when Kiley comes by. He tells her that hes there because he wanted to see the girls in their swimming suits. Kiley starts asking why Sae acts like she's on Momo's side, and Momo says she doesn't know, but she doesn't like feeling like a loser. She says Sae just likes to copy her. Kiley tries to cheer Momo up by saying that when people copy you, it means they like you. She says there's nothing for her to feel good about that. She asks why everyone sympathises Sae and why Momo always has to "understand." Kiley tells her that some people see it her way. She asks what people and Kiley says him, for one. Momo thinks that she wouldn't care if 1000 people take Sae's side as long as Toji took hers.

The next day at swim meet, Momo says she can't swim again, and sits there, covered in a big towel. She starts looking through her stuff for her sunblock. She can't find it then starts freaking out. It ends up being in her pocket, and just when she's abot to put it on, she relizes that there's no reason for her to put on the sunblock if she's never going to be with Toji. She just sits in the sun, thinking about junior high. She remembers how Toji acciently threw a ball in the pool and asks for it back. She relizes how much she cares about Toji and how her friend told her that Toji doesn't like girls with dark skin. That's when she became a sunblock junkie. She swears she'll never buy another bottle of sunblock since she can't have Toji now.

Kiley comes back, and tries faking again that he's trying to look at the girls. Momo sees right through it and tells him she knows that he's trying to check up on her. Kiley and Momo are walking down the street when Kiley asks her if she wants to go to the beach with him. He says never mind since Momo tans so easily, but to his surprise, Momo says she'd like to go. Kiley gets excited and tries to get Momo to wear the bathing suit he gave her. She hits him when a junion high friend of hers, Kyoko, comes by. Kyoko asks if Kiley is Momo's botfriend. Momo says no way, and Kyoko says she shouldn't have worried about Momo. She asks why Kyoko should worry and Kyoko says that she ment to appoligize for telling her that Toji only liked light skinned girls since it was a lie. Momo tells her to go one and Kyoko says that it was more like he liked girls with bright personalities. She says she lied because she liked Toji too. Since she sees how hot her "boyfriend" is, she's sure Momo will forgive her. She leaves to go meet her boyfriend and comments that he's not as cute as Kiley.

Momo starts freaking out and laughing hystericly and saying how all her friends are trying to sabotage her life. She says that if she hadn't been afraid of telling Toji how she felt in junior high, they might be together right now. Momo starts crying and asking herself why she broke up with Toji if she cares about him so much. Kiley hold Momo until she goes to the hospital to say one more goodbye to Toji, but just looks at the door then walks off. At school the next day, everyone is talking about the swim tounament and how the winning class gets a karaoke party and that the losing classes get extra homework for a week. Sae tries to be smug to Momo, telling her she's glad she's not swimming or she'll fry, then puts on suntan lotion. Momo doesn't really care because she knows that she's going to beat Sae. Some of the guys are saying how Momo's probably really slow, but someone else says she might win. This though never crossed Sae's mind, so she asks some of her friends to do something for her. The tree girls go by where Momo is swimming and grabs the back of her swim suit, trying to cut it. Momo elbows one of the girls, making them let go. Momo tells the girls off, but notices that one of them in drowning. The other girls don't notice until Momo has gotten her to wake up. Momo tells her to drop by the office if she's not feeling good.

Back inside, Sae yells at the girls for not cutting Momo's strap. Sae gets mad saying not only do the mess up, but she had to save them too. The girls tells say it burns them up. Sae says that's why she wanted them to cut off her straps. The girls say not, its Sae that gets them mad because the should be cheering for Momo. The guys try to get Sae to come sit by her, saying she's more confident lately. Back inside, Kiley is trying to pick up some girls when Momo sees him, and knows he hasn't changed. Momo starts her first race thinking how Kiley is a slime ball. She gets way infront of everybody, until she feels something snap. The strap on her bathing suit snapped, so she stars going really slow since people would be able to see. Everyone starts getting mad at Momo since all the other swimmers passed her. Momo starts her next race after trying to sew up her bathing suit, but she knows it won't hold. She goes really slow again, while Sae is really happy. Kako, the girl Momo saved starts getting really mad at Sae. Behind the school, Kiley is talking to a girl names Sumi asking her to do something. Her hat flies off and someone gives it back to her. It turns out to be Toji. Kiley says he remembers that her was getting out today and asks how that stitches are doing. Toji smacks his hand then starts walking off. Kiley follows him and asks where he's going. Toji says he's going to the swim meet and Kiley says he wants to show him something. At the swim meet, Momo is going really slow and everyone is still yelling at her. Kiley tells Toji that Momo still has 7 events to go. Toji says thats too much for one person. Kiley tells him that Sae rigged it all up and tells Toji before he says anything to wait half an hour so he can show him something.

While Momo is waiting for her next event, she tries to fix her strap by putting finger nail polish on it and letting it harden. Sadly, it doesn't work. Right then, Kako comes in and gives Momo her bathing suit, She tries thanking Momo, then leaves. Momo says if the school wants a swim meet, she'll give them a swim meet. Momo is getting undressed when Kiley comes in and sees Momo in her panties and bra. Momo freaks out and Kiley starts saying that he though she had more "up front" when Momo throws her shoe at him. Kiley says he just wants to talk, then asks for a hug. Kiley gives Momo a big hug after getting hit in the face with a water bottle. He holds her really tight and tells her that he wants her to be happy and that he's never seen her happier than when she's with Toji. He's just about to walk out when he gives Momo another hug then walks out really quick. Momo falls on the floor, asking herself what had just happened.

Momo walks out to go do her event, when Sae tells everyone that Momo isn't swimming fast because she's mad at Sae. Everyone gets mad and talks about how Momo came between Sae and Toji. Someone asks when did that happen. Sae says that when she isn't around, Momo comes onto him and that she tried to throw herself out a window if Toji didn't go out with her. It turns out being Kiley. He starts telling people the truth when Sae grabs him and pulls him away. Momo has just finished racing when she starts thinking about Kiley and how she's become dependent on him. She starts thinking how she melted in Kiley's arms, but then tells herself it souns like she likes him, but she doesn't. She tells herself she never though she was so easy and how her heart was swayed to quickly while she's swimming.

Back behind the school where Toji is waiting, Sae and Kiley come by. Sae tells Kiley that even if he told everyone the truth, it wouldn't matter since she'd beat him up and he'd never beable to show his face at school. Kiley says he won't tell anyone about it, but he wants to know how she can trick everyone to easily. Sae asks him if he saw a lion and a wounded deer, what would he think happened. Kiley tells her that he thinks the Lion attacked the deer. She then ask what he would think if he saw Momo and her together and she was crying. Sae says that he would think the same thing and that with women, whoever cries first is consittered the victim. The wounded dear gets more attention than the healthy one. She says if she's complaining that Momo is trying to take away Toji, who's going to doubt since Momo looks like someone that would do that. Kiley tries to suck up to Sae, saying that he would like to be as good as her. She tells him he has potential, but Kiley says he'll never be as good as her. He calls her a man killer and praises her.

Kiley stops and says maybe not. Since Toji will be out soon, everyone will find out. Sae tells him that summer will start and Toji will be hers for the taking. Sae walks away, leaving Kiley and, without her knowing, Toji alone. Kiley tells Toji that's the real Sae. Toji starts thinking how Momo tried to tell him to listen to her and that he couldn't see pass the surface. Sae goes walking back to the swim meet when people tell her that they just wow three in a row. Sae starts freaking out and sees Kako cheering for Momo. She goes to yell at her, but Kako says she's cheering for her classmate. Everyone keeps cheering for her when the intercom says that Momo's class went from last to 3rd. Everyone is happy for Momo except for Sae, who throws a block at someone. Sae overhears people saying that Kiley and Momo were hugging in the locker room while Momo was in her panties. Momo's class is in second place, so everyone is really happy. Sae tells Momo that she heard that Kiley was holding her. She says that it was just a couple days since her and Toji broke up, and she's alread with Kiley. She tells Momo that Kiley only wants one thing and as soon as he gets it, he's going to dump her. Sae asks Momo if she doesn't mind the shallowness since he has a cute face. Momo smacks sae and tells her she doesn't know anything about Kiley.

Kiley is still talking to Toji and saying he must not have had much expierence with Sae's type. Toji says he won't be able to talk to Momo about it. After he says that, they hear Sae scream. She starts crying about how Momo hit her and that she didn't do anything. Momo tells her that she called Kiley a slimeball and a moron and he has more good points that she does. Sae keeps crying, and some guys tell her to appoligize to Sae for being mean to her. Kiley and Toji walk in, but Momo can't see them. Momo tells then she won't appoligize. The guys tell her that she attacked Sae and now her face is swollen. Kiley remembers the victim story and says everyone thinks Momo is the lion. Toji goes to help, but Kiley stops him. The go to a closet and Kiley ties Toji up. He tells Toji that Momo's going to want comforting, and that he wants to be there and make Momo a bit less innocent. He shuts Toji in the closet then walks away.

All the guys in the cafeteria try to push Momo to the floor and beg for Sae's forgiveness. She tells them that it's not their business, that it's between her and Sae. Momo tells Sae to call off the guys so they can talk. Sae latches onto a guy, saying no, that she'll hit her again. Everyone calls Momo a monster. People start telling the guys to push Momo's head down, then they'll forgive her. Momo tells Sae that she might feel good about herself now, but no one will ever want to be with her. All the guys are telling her to appoligize and Momo thinks that she has no reason to apoligize, since all she ever did was get picked on. Kiley goes to help right as Toji breaks out of the closet. Toji sees Momo on the floor and goes to help. Everyone seems to forget about Momo and asks Toji how he's doing. Toji looks at Momo and Momo wishes it wasn't happening. Toji helps Momo up and holds her, telling everyone to apoligize to Momo. They tell Toji that she hit Sae, and Toji tells them to shut up. He tells them that Momo is his girlfriend. Sae tells him that Kiley and Momo were hugging while Momo was in her panties.

Sae tries to make Toji break up with Momo right then. Toji says he was being stupid. He says it would make more sense to believe a close friend that says she's looking out for him. He says its natural to assume the lion hurt the deer. Momo doesn't know what he's talking about, but Toji apoligizes anyways. He tells Momo he should have stuck by her even when no one else would. Momo starts crying and Toji holds her. Just then, Sae starys crying, saying that Toji said he liked her and that now it was a lie. Sae says she's the pure one and the victim. Kiley tells her to give it a rest and all the girls that had their boyfriends stolen by Sae come out. They tell her that it's not the boys that she likes, its the stealing. The call her a witch, a liar, amd a thief. Sae tries to play innocent by saying that they're lying. Oafish says that sae was mean to him when he asked her to go to the movies and she yells at him. Some of sae's friends tell her that they only helped her because she told them that Momo was picking on her. Everyone leaves until Sae, Momo, Toji, and Kiley are left. Oafish tells Sae to go get a personality. She cracks (literaly) and turns into dust. Kiley claps for Momo, then Toji calls him an jackass and to leave.

Toji tells Momo he's sorry for calling her his girlfriend since it's not the case. Momo tells him that she was surprized that Sae had so many enemies. Toji asks her if they could be back together as boyfriend and girlfriend. Momo thinks to herself that she's love for it to be like that, but she tells him she doesn't think they can stay together.


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