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Waring! Spoilers!

Book 2

In our last instalment of Peach Girl, Sae tells Toji to go kiss Momo, but Toji ends up getting pushed away. Toji dashes away while Momo's sitting on the ground, thinking about what Sae said about Toji being horny. Kiley goes to see how Momo is doing, but finds her just sulking. Toji runs pass Sae, but Sae grabs him and forces him to tell her what happened. He tells her that Momo hates him since she pushed him away. Kiley tries to walk Momo home since she so disoriented, she crashes into 3 cars and two bikes. Kiley asks what's the big deal of getting kissed by Toji, and Momo tells him that she didn't want to kiss Toji in the same place he was kissing Sae that same morning. Momo tells Kiley that she doesn't want to be like Sae and that Toji was almost as bad as Kiley was. She tells him that now she knows what kind of person Toji is and that he thought she was easy by she skin color. Kiley says that it only matters that Momo likes Toji. She shouldn't care if Toji likes her for her or for her skin (even pumpkins have their moments of brilliance.) Kiley says that if Toji runs away if Momo doesn't want to do anything physical with him, that's just the shallow type of person he is.

Once Momo gets home, she takes a bath to try to relax. She keeps hearing the dog bark, which drives her insane. She gets out of the tub and opens the door to go outside and shut the dog up, when Toji's there and sees her in a towel. Momo changes back into her school clothes and goes outside to talk to Toji. He apoligizes for kissing her and he didn't mean to lose his temper. Momo says goodbye, but not before she gives him the condom she found in him wallet. She goes back in, and Toji is left very confused because of the condom.

The next day at school, Toji sees Sae crying and he goes to see what's wrong. Sae tells him that Momo is calling her names because of the kiss the day before. Toji sees a bruise on Sae's cheek, and automaticly thinks Momo punched her. Momo sees them talking and pulls Toji by her so they can talk in private. Momo tells Toji not to believe anything Sae tells him because they're all lies, but Toji says nothing wrong. He tells her that Sae is her friend and that she should trust her more. Momo asks Toji if he and Sae are having a relationship behind her back. He says no, so Momo just forgets about it. While the class is cleaning, Sae confronts Momo about Toji trying to kiss her. Sae tells Momo that it was her idea to have Toji kiss her, and she starts telling Momo how soft Toji's lips are. Momo starts mistrusting Toji and pushes Sae out of the way so she can clean. She barely taps her and Sae crashes to the floor faking that she sprained her ankle. Momo grabs Sae when she sees her ankle isn't hurt and tells her to stay away from Toji since she only wants him because Momo does. Toji gets in the middle, but takes Sae's side saying that Momo shouldn't blame Sae. He says that all Sae tells him about her are good things and that she her best friend.

Momo sits at home, devistated that Toji hasn't called and can't gather up the courage to call him herself. She tells herself that Toji is acting stupid for not believing her, so sh calls. Toji's mom gets the phone while Toji takes some Pepto Bismol. He talks to Momo for a while, but doesn't wanna hear all these bad thigs about Sae, so he hangs up. The next morning at school, the teacher tells the class that Toji is in the hospital with appendicitis. Unluckilly for Momo, she was late and didn't hear the message. When she got to school, everyone was whispering behind her back and she didn't know why. She sees Toji is absent, so she just keeps to herself. All during the day, she hears people calling her names and whispering about her.

Sae goes to the hospital that afternoon to check on Toji. She asks him when he started feeling sick, but he asks if Momo came. Sae told him she asked her to come, but she didn't want to. Sae tries to lighten the mood a little by asking is Toji felt uncomfortable when they shaved him before the opperation. Sae is about to leave after that, but Toji asks her to tell Momo he's sorry for cutting her off on the phone. While Sae is walking down the hospital hall, she whipes her so called "bruise" away.

The next morning, Momo sees Toji is absent so she goes to call him on the school phone, but thinks better of it since he wasn't very happy with her on the phone. She goes back in the class room to see what everyone is doing, but doesn't find out anything. Sae goes to visit Toji again that day, and Toji asks why Momo's name isn't on the get well card the class gave them. Sae tells him that she didn't wanna go with her to see him. She then tells him that it's her fault that Momo and him aren't getting along. She leaves while fake crying, saying that it's best if they never talk again. Back at school, Kiley ses Momo sitting on the stairs drawing on her slippers, but she's actually crossing off things that people wrote on them. She tells him that people have been talking behind her back about her. The bell rings and Momo and Kiley walk down the stairs, when Momo slips, pushing Kiley down the stairs. Momo goes down to check on him and help him up. He hugs her really tight and while Momo is trying to get away, Sae and her friends see Momo and Kiley hugging.

Sae stops by the hospital one more time to tell Toji that Momo and Kiley are hot and heavy with each other. Kiley and his groupies are sitting in the classroom when they starts asking him if he likes Momo. He says why shouldn't he and they tell him the she steals other peoples boyfriends. They tell him that Toji was Sae's boyfriend and that Momo always tries to steal him away. Kiley goes to tell Momo that Toji is in the hospital with appendicitis and that Sae kept it from her on the day she was late. Back at the hospital, Sae is feeding Toji more propaganda and crying to him. Momo and Kiley go to the hospital on Kiley's bike and Momo has to tie his hands together so he won't anything he's not supposed to. Sae is telling Toji more and more of her crap. She says that now she knows why Momo wanted to keep her and Toji's relationship a secret; so that she could still be with Kiley. Kiley is enlightening Momo to the events of the last few days and that Sae told everyone that her and Toji were together and to keep Momo away from him. Momo and Kiley hurry to the hospital on Kiley's bike. On their way there, Sae tells Toji that she can't be Momo's friend after this. Momo and Kiley deside to take the train the rest of the way, where she finallt explains how her and Sae met. Momo was sick the first whole week of school and by the time she came to school, everyone was in a group. Sae had offered to be her friend since she was alone too. Sae is trying anything she can to get on Toji's good side until she sees Momo and Kiley out the window. Inside the hospital, Momo tells Kiley that right now, he's her only ally since Toji in brainwashed. Kiley takes this a little to nicely and tries to kiss Momo ( ^_^ ) In the room, Sae is trying to clean up Toji, but *accidently* trips and falls on him. She puckers her lips, trying to temp Toji and he is about to kiss her when Momo and Kiley walk in. Momo is devistated and pulls Sae off Toji. She calls Sae a sleaze and a backstabber until Toji tells Momo to stop and that its just a missunderstanding. He asks why Kiley has to be there with Momo and Momo says its because he wouldn't listen to her if Kilet wasn't there to back her up. Momo tells Toji that she would've been with himsooner, but she just found out he was in the hospital since Kiley told her. Sae thinks she's full of it, so Kiley grabs Sae and goes for a little ''walk" to let Momo and Toji talk. Toji imeditly accuses Momo of flirting with Kiley while he's gone. Momo tells him that she was just ttying to be nice to him and that she didn't need to bring him. When Momo asks Toji if he would have believed her if she would've come alone, he tells her that there's no reason for Sae to lie to him. Momo asks him if he really won't believe her, so she runs to the window, threateding to throw herself off. She tells him that Sae's lieing to Toji so she can have him and make Momo sad.

Toji begs Momo to come down, but she said she doesn't care if she breaks anything, the hospital can fix it and then she can be with him. She tells him he's hurt her so much for not trusting her that she doesn't care. Kiley and Sae see Momo trying to jump out of the window from the roof, and Kiley starts to scream for Momo's saftey. Toji begs Momo to come in again and Momo says no unless he will listen to her from start to finish. Toji agrees right when a strong wind blows, almost pushing Momo out of the window. Toji grabs her, carrying her to saftey. Kiley and Sae see, and Sae tells Kiley that Momo and Toji are gonna probably going to get back together and Kiley doesn't care as long as Momo is safe. Sae asks Kiley if he wants to team up with her to get Toji and Momo, and he says sure. In the hospital, Momo appoligizes for scaring everybody when Toji's stitches come lose. Her and Toji start talking about their problems where elsewhere....

Sae is telling Kiley about her plan called a fait accompli. Her plan is to come in Toji's room and try to have sex with him while Kiley keeps Momo out until the right moment. Sae tells Kiley once Toji and Momo break up, he'll be there to mend her broken heart. Kiley starts playing along, then tells her he's not going to do it because he wants Momo to be happy. Toji and Momo are about to start their conversation when he asks her how she feels about Kiley. She tells him that he's just a friend and that Toji only thinks that way because of Sae. He tells her it's not just Sae, that he had a feeling about them then she saved Kiley in the pool. Momo tells Toji that Kiley is and idiot and a yutz and she'd never go for him. Toji says that she seemed more alive when shes with Kiley than with himself. Momo tells Toji that him that her heart only beats for him and never for Kiley because she's loved him since junior high. All the old men start staring at them (lol) On the roof top, Kiley tells Sae that it's only a matter of time before Toji starts believing Momo again and Sae asks if he'll give up on her. Kiley says he can like her if he wants, but Sae says he's pulling her back from the guy that has Kiley's girl. Kiley, the super smarty that his is, figures out that Sae only likes Toji because Momo likes him. When Sae gets all defensive saying she liked Toji first, Kiley tells her to play by the rules. He then tells himself he should use those rules since he kissed Momo without asking. Sae makes a run for it to tell Toji Kiley's little secret. Momo tells Toji that she never changed the time of their meeting and Toji doesn't think Sae would do something so dirty. Sae runs in the room, telling Toji not to listen to Momo because she kissed Kiley and never told Toji. Kiley runs in just too late and Toji asks Momo if she kissed him. Momo doesn't respond, but Kiley tries to stick up for her.

Toji looks at Momo, shocked, and asks why she said there was nothing between them. Momo says in was because it happened before they got together, and before she knew it, he had already kissed her. Toji feels very offended and says thats why she wouldn't kiss him. Momo tries to tell him she likes her, but he thinks she's inlove without knowing it. Momo calls him a blockhead and that he can't point fingers. She admits to seeing him and Sae kiss. She tells him that's why she didn't kiss him and asks why did he kiss her. Sae buts in and says in was a practice kiss for when he kisses Momo. That crushes Momo more than haviing Toji kiss Sae. Momo thinks about their kiss being wasted on that "thing"(Sae) She tells Toji that she misjudged him and that she tought he had more sense. Toji looks down, telling her he can go through with this. He tells her he wants to break up.

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