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.:S t o r y O v e r v i e w:.
Waring! Spoilers!

Book 1

Momo is a ditzy beach bunny sophomore that fines her greatest pleasure in taking everything away from her best friend, Sae. At least, that's what everyone thinks. Momo is actually a very sweet girl that thinks she was born under a cloud. Toji, her Junior High sweetheart has absolutely no idea that she's liked him for so long. Everything goes berserk when everyone thinks Kiley, the school playboy kissed her, which just turned out to be a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from a guy. This doesn't help Momo's case, since she told Sae she liked him. Momo's magical first kiss is stolen from Kiley, which she gives Kiley a not-so-warm-welcome to his gonads.

When Momo finally confesses her love about Toji, little does she know that he's not even 15 feet away!! Sae and Toji are quietly eavesdropping behind the bushes behind the school and Sea's new plan "destroy Momo" has gone into action. Sae secretly writes two notes, one to Kiley from Momo, and one to Momo from Kiley. While waiting for Momo, stupid Kiley falls into the pool. Being the kind-hearted person Momo is, she can't just let him drown. Toji is called over by Sae when she says Momo and Kiley are making out by the pool. Almost caught up in it, he realizes that they're not making out, Kiley's not breathing!!!! Everyone is rushed to the nurses office, where things start to heat up. After telling Kiley off, (again) Momo finally confesses her love to Toji. From that moment on, they are an item. Sae, who is jealous as ever, sets her plans into motion. That next day, Kiley tries to make another move on Momo, just in time for Toji to save her. Momo tells Toji to keep their relationship secret, so no more rumors will come up. After school, Sae tells Momo that her and Toji are going out and that he forced himself onto her. Momo, half believing it, dashes to the cafe where she was going to meet Toji. Everything seems ok, until Momo goes to buy their food and finds a condom is Toji's wallet. She leaves right there, still holding the condom.

That next day, Sae tries to cheer up Toji, saying Momo told her to help out. At the same time, Kiley thinks that Momo andToji are hot and heavy after seeing the condom. Sae tells Toji to go up to Momo and kiss her, but finds out that Toji's never kissed a girl before. That sweet girl that Sae is, she tells Toji that she'll show him how to kiss a girl. Right when Momo is trying to get away from Kiley, she sees Sae and Toji kissing. Kiley tries his best to cheer up Momo, but only makes things worse. Once school starts, Momo comes in late, only to find that Toji and Sae are sitting together. Momo can't stand it that her man was kissing someone else, so she confronts Sae about it in the bathroom. Sae tells Momo that Toji obviously told her that he liked her because he was horny and thought he could get some. Momo totally believes it and doesn't talk to Toji til their next class. Toji tells Momo to meet him at the pool, but little do either of them know that Sae is there to sabotage their romance. After school, Sae tells Toji that Momo wanted to meet in the cafeteria insted, but poor Momo is still outside, waiting. Kiley comes to cheer her up, and does a pretty good job, until, Sae's little scheme goes into action. She checks on Toji and tells him to look by the pool for Momo. They see Momo and Kiley together, and Toji freaks out. He rushes to Momo and drags her away to the place where he and Sae had kissed that morning. He tries kissing her, just for her to push him away!!

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