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.:B i o s:.

momo adachi, peach girl

.:Momo Adachi:.
Momo (which means peach in Japanese) is having serious trouble in love. She's constantly being missunderstood as a playgirl because of her beach bunny blonde hair and tanned skin. This has made her somwhat of a loner, and very self-conscious and quick tempered. With a back stabbing friend and rummors flying around... things can't get any better!

Kiley Okayasu, peach girl .:Kiley Okayasu:.
Kiley is the "most popular boy at school", but what is covered by his cool guy exterior... is a perverted goofball who has made it his goal to bag Momo. Although he becomes a major pain in her side, Kiley helps her out to see her happy... even though most of the time he can inadvertantly cause more havoc than help.

Kazuya Tojigamor, Peach Girl .:Kazuya Tojigamori:.
Nicknamed "Toji", he is the love of Momo's life. She had been swooning over him since junior high, and now he is showing signs that her feelings might be returned. As compassionate as he is quiet, this athletic hunk would be a prize for any girl... espcecially Momo's "best" friend Sae.

Sae Kashiwagi, Peach Girl .:Sae Kashiwagi:.
Sae is the self-proclaimed "cutest girl in school." She is sneaky, arrogant, petty, and down right nasty. Why is she Momo's best friend? Because Sae is a manipulator who conceals all her sins. She gathers information... and twists the facts to get everyone to see things that ways she wants them to be... the perfect person to spice up the plot!

Sae Kashiwagi, Peach Girl

Kiley's ex-girlfriend. Kiley says there's nothing going on between them, but Momo finds out that there might be a little more. She's up to something, but with who?